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Janee Gresham - ps, I love me too.

Thank you for allowing Woman Boss Wednesday to feature you. Before we begin can you tell the reader(s) a little about yourself?

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured. I am a 20 year old entrepreneur based in Broward County, FL. I always like to refer to myself as “jack of all trades, master of none.” Only because there is still so much for me to learn and conquer. I am a STRONG advocate of "sisterhood" I believe in the power of women in numbers. I'm the proud owner of two companies That Girl, inc. the parent company of The BizyBoss Academy, Get Crowned. LLC., and a podcast "P.S. I love me, too." 

As a woman boss with multiple businesses like That Girl Broward, Bizy Boss Academy, and Crowned by Jay, how did you manage to launch PS, I LOVE ME TOO?

Launching P.S. I love me, too in the midst of everything else I have going on first seemed to be challenge and I thought I was in way over my head but I still felt a pull on me like this was what I needed to be doing. The fun part about the podcast is that it kind of runs it self. It's one of those auto pilot things, it's as simple as me recording myself speak about things I'm passionate about, a little editing here and there, upload, and hope it reaches the people it needs to reach. 

What is PS, I LOVE ME TOO?

Basically, "P.S. I Love me, too." is a platform for young Christian entrepreneurs. Me, being someone who falls under that category I feel like we're not well represented...enough! So, it's somewhat like a safe haven and an audio diary for myself first and others as well. While on my journey to a better relationship with God and a successful life, I thought why not take record as I go along. 

What is the inspiration behind PS, I LOVE ME TOO?

The inspiration behind this podcast was mainly my own life, it's very personal and real. Though a lot of other women inspire me daily, from their own personal experiences that they've shared with us, this particular podcast is a POV and how I chose to handle day to day life. 

What days do you post you podcast and where can listeners go to listen?

 As of now, I post once a week, with no specific days. One day in the future when I build a more consistent following and listeners, I'll be able to upload more. The podcast is currently available on Soundcloud as well as the Podcast app for Apple products. Locate the feed by simply typing "P.S. I love me, too." In the search bar. 

 As a female entrepreneur, what advice would you give to a woman boss starting her business?

When most people ask for advice, they're looking for a feel good answer or the cliche response. But, something I wish I would have taken into consideration, (even now) was knowing my limits! Creating boundaries for myself and knowing when it was safe to expand my boundaries. Only take on what you can handle. 

Instagram Accounts:

@bizybossacademy @thatgirlbroward @psilovemetoo @crownedby.jay 

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